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Architect Piece

Poster Series

LOCATION: Ball State University

PROJECT: Poster | Print Design

ROLE: Researcher | Designer


Exploring Modern and Post-Modern disciplines and approach through the study of industrial designers and architects.  The objective was to research an architect and design a piece that communicates the architect's ideas, working methods, or approach to their environment. Each architect creates a product of their time and place in which they were from, but the processes are unique to each individual and their process.



After conducting extensive research on Mario Botta, a post-modern Swiss architect, I chose to design a series of three posters that are some of Botta’s most known architectural buildings. To showcase his focus on symmetry, space, and geometry I designed extensive line drawings that break down the architectural elements to there simplest form using line drawings, similar to blueprints.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Campari Headquarters

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

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