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LlamaNation Customer Community

Lessonly launched LlamaNation, a customer community that exists to gather learners and leaders in the name of connection, camaraderie, and Better Work. The community experience is hosted on our mobile app, Better Work, where members have access to connect with other llamas, join community calls, learn how to leverage Lessonly, and earn points to win prizes.

Our goal was to design a user journey that includes various touchpoints of communication to entice users to apply, download, and start participating in various activities in our customer community.

My Role

Lessonly Marketing

Better Work App
LlamaNation Home
LlamaNation Interior App
LlamaNation Mockup

User Flow

LlamaNation User Flow

Landing Page

We created a landing page to provide information and pitch the value of becoming a member. Users have direct access to apply for membership and download our mobile app, Better Work, to get started.

LlamaNation Wireframe
LlamaNation LandingPage


To gain access to the community, users need to apply and accept the terms and conditions of the community. After submitting the application, a customer success message appears to inform them of next steps.

LlamaNation Application Wireframe
LlamaNation Application
Mobile Application
LlamaNation Success
Mobile Success

LlamaNation Emails

A user receives an invitation email, and after being accepted, they receive an email that provides next steps to download the app and get started in the community.

LlamaNation Acceptance Email
LlamaNation Intro Email

Onboarding Screens

In partnering with Socio, we were able to create custom onboarding screens from preparing to download through login in with visuals for Better Work.

LlamaNation Onboarding Screens

Loading Screen

Splash Screen

Home Screen

Link to Download

IOS App Store


LlamaNation App

The LlamaNation App was fully customizable to support our brand. We were able to create a unique iconography system for LlamaNation, while using the Lessonly brand color system to remain on brand.

LlamaNation Full App
LlamaNation Home Screen
LlamaNation Iconography
LlamaNation Features
LlamaNation Better Work Feature
LlamaNation Feature Icons

App Feature Icons

LlamaNation Activity Icons

App Category Icons

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