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Nisolo Internship

Web, Graphic, and Digital

LOCATION: Nashville, Tennessee

INDUSTRY: Fashion / Shoe Company

ROLE: Design Intern


The required skills for the Nisolo Internship included: assisting in the designing and editing of all visual aspects of Nisolo marketing efforts and editing internal photos, graphics or other documentation on an as-needed basis. The design intern was expected to design and assist on a variety of materials while becoming acquainted with many different facets of the business.


During my time at Nisolo, I designed of variety of paid and display ads, website assets, new arrival assets, and additional print designs for packaging. I researched email on-boarding, retargeting, and abandoned cart strategies and trends to ideate a variety of email campaigns that could be used in Nisolo’s future marketing strategy. I also, helped design Nisolo’s Summer Flash Sale event collateral including: indoor signage and sale displays, email assets, social media graphics, paid ads, and website assets.

Paid Display / Facebook Ads

During my time at Nisolo, I designed a variety of display and Facebook ads that were used as online marketing strategies for targeting and retargeting customers through social media. 

Sample City Sale

My role during the Nisolo Sample Sale was to help design assets for the showroom, which included: a large-scale event poster, sale preview event email, social media graphics, and all in-store signage needed for the event.


Summer Flash Sale

My role during the Summer Flash Sale was to assist in developing and designing an identity for the online sale. The final designs included: a website hero image, collection page images, sub-hero images, Facebook ads, and social media promotional graphics.


Additional Nisolo Design

I also designed a variety of printed cards that included a showroom business card, a fit guide card for the Ecuador sandals, and a discount code for the collaboration when Nisolo teamed up with Causebox. 

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