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Quack Daddy Donuts

Identity, Food Truck, and Packaging

LOCATION: Pendleton, Indiana

PROJECT: Food Truck | Packaging

ROLE: Researcher | Designer

AWARD: Packaging of the World


Quack Daddy Donuts is a donut shop located in downtown Pendleton, Indiana. Owned by a husband and wife duo, Quack Daddy Donuts opened in 2015 after the pair visited a donut shop while on vacation and realized they needed to create a similar establishment back home. Their goal was to create a community gathering place that was vibrant, fun, friendly, and a satisfying experience. To help reach their goal, Quack Daddy hosts a variety of community events and has allotted days when 10% of their profit is donated to community organizations, non-profits, or charity.​​​​​​​



After visiting Quack Daddy, I noticed their playful, quirky, and kid-friendly atmosphere. A nonstop experience — from filling out an order form, customizing donuts by selecting a variety of icings and toppings, watching employees make the donuts from scratch, and finally enjoying the donut creation. Based on my on-site research, I drew inspiration from the selection of toppings Quack Daddy offers and the interior aesthetic of their shop to inspire my final design solutions. My process began by redesigning their current identity, to help establish a cohesive brand that could be expanded throughout all design applications. My end goal was to design brand that mirrors the vibrant and fun environment of Quack Daddy — appealing to children and adults.


Food Truck Design

After redesigning the identity, using a modern approach and allowing for flexibility across all applications, I began focusing on designing my food truck. I researched a variety of food truck models and choose the P-Series Chevy Stepvan — which historically has been used as a bakery and delivery truck — fitting nicely with a donut shop aesthetic. To establish consistency throughout the brand, I used design elements that referenced donut toppings and sayings that were found in-store and online.

Order Form and Menu

My focus shifted to the menu board design — which informed customers of the selection of icings, toppings, and beverages Quack Daddy offers. Using information from my research on menu engineering, I decided to strategically place the prices at the bottom of the menu and eliminate all dollar signs. To establish clear visual hierarchy, I selectively chose all the menu items and organized the information in columns instead of lists. I redesigned order forms, implementing visual design aids to help customers easily take in all the menu options while waiting in line.


Lastly, I designed to-go packaging included: coffee cups with sleeves, glassine bags for single donut orders, and a box with paper liners that could carry up to six donuts. Each packaging design incorporates elements that reinforce the established brand in subtle, yet consistent ways.

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